Prayer for a Victim of an Abusive Relationship

This prayer request came from my daughter for a friend. To protect her identity we have removed her name. We substituted “your daughter” for her actual name.

Lord we pray for your protection around your daughter and her four children during a time they are experiencing dysfunction and turbulence in their home. We pray your daughter will seek help through an agency that can educate and protect her from domestic violence. We pray your daughter’s mind will be open to sound advice, and she will take the necessary steps to protect herself and her children. We pray her husband will have someone speak the words to convict his mind and heart to recognize how destructive his behaviors are to his family. We pray there will be renewing of his mind and he too seek sound counsel and education. Lord we pray the children will not see or hear anymore domestic violence. Lord give your daughter a bold confidence to turn away from any form of abuse. Lord, may your daughter and her children walk in your peace and enjoy a life full of your blessings. In Jesus’ name. Amen

Would you offer your prayers for this women and her children? Perhaps you know someone in a similar situation that could use your prayers.

Mr. Uber: First Night

After an awesome dinner away in Carlsbad to escape from the heat wave hitting C.H., we called  Uber for a ride back to our hotel. After the usual casual chit chat, we found out that this was his first night as an Uber driver. Somehow our conversation shifted to our friend, Nazareth, a Christian Comedian.

Our driver began to share his Christian faith, and told my husband and I that Chuck Smith, Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, former pastor, had come to his church three years ago, Carlsbad Calvary Chapel, to dedicate and bless his church, he preached on Psalms 43.

I began to tell him about the mid 1970’s, attending Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith, Costa Mesa, Friday night revivals in the big tent. He was amused to hear me tell of how that changed my entire life, I had accepted Christ, and had been baptized at Corona Del Mar beach by Chuck Smith.

Our driver shared he was currently going through a divorce. My husband and I were able to share with Lincoln, how we had experienced divorce and single parenting, but clung to our Christian faith, and believe we made it through, because of our faith.

We asked him if he had any prayer request, and he didn’t hesitate; “For my son, Hayden, who asked to be baptized recently”. Our driver wanted his son safe n protected, surrounded by Gods mercy. We prayed together that his son would continue to grow in his walk with the Lord.

John 6:39 “And this is the will of him who has sent me, that I shall not lose none of all those he has given me, but will raise them up at the last day.”

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I Give You Peace

John 14:27          Peace I leave you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This weekend, my wife and I were privileged to support “Laughter for All: Change CA, Change the Nation” with our ministry “Random Prayer of Kindness”. From our tabletop we would handout wristbands for our website and asked people if they would like a prayer.

One women asked me to pray for Peace. May I remind you always be careful of what you pray for.

“Dear Heavenly Father. What a beautiful request we bring before you. Since the Fall, man has constantly fought one another in wars and imposed oppression upon their brothers. But true peace only comes from accepting Jesus into our lives as our Lord and Savior. Let us remember that if we wish for peace on earth, we need to share our Peace from within with others. That is how the peace process begins. Our pray, Dear Father, is that you would empower us to share that Peace with others. Dear Jesus, Let the Peace we have within be reflected in our actions, our words and our prayers. We anxiously await Your return when You will restore peace to the entire world. Amen.”

If your prayer is for Peace; that process starts with you. May we direct two ways to put your prayer into action:

1.      Change CA, Change the Nation: